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Note: Only the first few parts of the Saturday daylong recorded properly.
Mindfulness and Wisdom Daylong: Introduction and Instructions
Andrea Fella 2016-09-17 47:42
Guided Meditation - 1
Andrea Fella 2016-09-17 29:08
Walking Instructions
Andrea Fella 2016-09-17 15:55
The Cultivation Of Mindfulness
Andrea Fella 2016-09-1844:01
Day 2: Brief Practice Reminders Andrea Fella 2016-09-1819:46
Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2016-09-1821:34
Brief Reminders for Walking Meditation Andrea Fella 2016-09-184:13
Practical Right View Andrea Fella 2016-09-1862:45
Guided Meditation: Wise View Andrea Fella 2016-09-1814:01
Afternoon Discussion Andrea Fella 2016-09-1813:11
Guided Meditation: Monday Andrea Fella 2016-09-1939:54
Monday Discussion Andrea Fella 2016-09-1951:32
Guided Meditation: Aware of Thought Andrea Fella 2016-09-2017:36
Tuesday Discussion (Part One) Andrea Fella 2016-09-207:14
Tuesday Discussion (Part Two) Andrea Fella 2016-09-2031:54
Guided Meditation: Bodily Processes and Mental Processes Andrea Fella 2016-09-2132:03
Wednesday Discussion Andrea Fella 2016-09-2137:12
Guided Meditation: Recognizing Wisdom Andrea Fella 2016-09-2214:37
Thursday Discussion Andrea Fella 2016-09-2250:14
Guided Meditation: Aware of Awareness Andrea Fella 2016-09-2321:14
Friday Discussion Andrea Fella 2016-09-2347:12


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