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Apr 30-May 14: Gil Fronsdal & Andrea Fella  
Insight Retreat Center
April 30, 2017 to May 13, 2017
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Opening Evening: Satipatthana Overview Gil Fronsdal 2017-04-3046:55
Morning Instructions Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-0155:16
Supports for Establishing Mindfulness Andrea Fella 2017-05-0158:18
Evening Reflection: Patience Andrea Fella 2017-05-0114:12
Morning Instructions: Intimacy with the Breath Andrea Fella 2017-05-0219:12
Morning Reflections: The Container of Practice Andrea Fella 2017-05-0218:27
Mindfulness of Breathing Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-0262:51
Evening Reflection Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-025:16
Evening Reflection Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-025:16
Morning Instructions: Breathing Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-0342:22
Satipatthana: Body Postures and Activities Andrea Fella 2017-05-0361:46
Evening Reflections: Simplicity of Practice Andrea Fella 2017-05-037:25
Morning Instructions: Noticing How we are Aware Andrea Fella 2017-05-0417:12
Morning Reflections: Continuity Andrea Fella 2017-05-0412:43
Mindfulness of the Four Elements/Qualities Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-0455:57
Morning Instructions: Practicing with the Elements Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-0556:43
MIndfulness of Feeling Tone Part One Andrea Fella 2017-05-0557:52
Evening Reflection: How Much Effort? Andrea Fella 2017-05-057:04
Morning Instructions: Feeling Tone Andrea Fella 2017-05-0621:19
Morning Reflections: Further Thoughts on Different Relationships to Instructions Andrea Fella 2017-05-067:43
MIndfulness of Feeling Tone Part Two Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-0657:15
Mindfulness of our Quality of Inner Being Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-0739:54
Mindfulness of Mind States Andrea Fella 2017-05-0760:06
Evening Reflection: Accepting What is Offerred Andrea Fella 2017-05-0712:31
Morning Instructions: How the Heart Meets Experience Andrea Fella 2017-05-0812:54
Morning Reflection: Curiosity about how mindfulness gets lost Andrea Fella 2017-05-0810:25
Mindfulness of Hindrances Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-0853:55
Evening Reflection: Compassion supports Insight Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-085:51
Morning Instruction: Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-0950:27
Mindfulness of the Aggregates Andrea Fella 2017-05-0964:19
Evening Reflection: "Thus": Wisdom and Love Andrea Fella 2017-05-098:58
Morning Instructions: Impermanence Andrea Fella 2017-05-1019:25
Morning Reflection: Additional reflections on Impermanence Andrea Fella 2017-05-1013:28
Talk: Seven Factors of Awakening Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-1053:01
Evening Reflection: Bruni Davila 2017-05-1016:28
The Direct Path to Freedom Andrea Fella 2017-05-1159:18
Morning Instructions: Already Aware Andrea Fella 2017-05-1211:13
Evening Reflection: The Dharma is Everywhere Andrea Fella 2017-05-1213:52
Afternoon Questions Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-1357:12
Reflections on the Journey Bruni Davila 2017-05-1310:52

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